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One of the most popular nootropic supplements, Modafresh 200 is a cognitive enhancer that can be used for improving memory, increasing mental alertness and concentration as well as for boosting energy levels and wakefulness.

Modafresh 200 mg is a generic form of modafinil medicine, also known as “smart drug”. This medication is widely used by students and researchers, Silicon Valley geeks, as well as by people whose jobs demand 100% concentration and alertness at any point of time – for example doctors, military personnel and sportsmen.

Modafresh Dosage

Generally, people using smart medication are recommended to use one pill of Modafresh 200 mg daily for achieving the results they are looking for. It is ideal to take the medication with good amount of water after meal, before you start your work or study session.

When taking Modafresh for specific conditions like narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea, one should follow instructions as directed by the doctor. For some people, daily intake can be divided into a morning and a noon dose.


Before taking Modafresh, make sure you have no allergy to modafinil or armodafinil or other allergies. You should consult your pharmacist in case you take other medications that could interact with Modafresh 200 mg as they could have an adverse effect on Modafinil ingredients. This could be the case with medications related to heart diseases, for example, so make sure to check the contraindications and follow the dosage recommendations to avoid unwanted side effects.

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